Show #106: Scott Gerber, author of Never Get a Real Job

Scott Gerber

He’s fast, he’s blunt and he’s our guest this week: Scott Gerber, author of Never Get a Real Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke.

If you’ve been sheltering in place in college, sticking to grinding away at your job, Scott is a 100 decibel wake up call. Especially for millennials wondering if the old ways of building a corporate career somehow still work (no), and what they can do instead (lots), Scott is the red pill for complacency.

Scott takes us through the specifics of how to get your head into an entrepreneurial space and stop expecting different results by doing what others have done.

“At the end of the day, I believe that practical, in-your-face action is going to be something that teaches something real and tangible,” Scott says, and you will too after listening to this show.

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Show Summary

(Thanks Amy!)

Scott Gerber-Author “Never get a real job”

–        Corporations are not looking out for your own future, you put all eggs in basktet that you don’t control

–        Entrepreneurship is not easy, book drills this into head but gives you max control

–        Educated at NYU- no finance classes, no entrepreneur experience

–        Ran video (music/commercials) business while in school,

–        No focus, mentors led to bankrupted company

–        Mother is “real job” loyalist, did not support Scott, employed at NY Board of Education

–        Deconstrutcted every failure from first company

–        Started up 2nd company “Sizzleit” that is now successful with high profile clients doing one things very well

–        Everyone has to fail to be successful over all

–        Seth Godin also talks about failure

–        How do we get over failure as a society?

  • Anti-failure attitude comes from academic world
  • Gen-Y = non failure generation
  • Gen Y has entitlement attitude, we’re “special” that happens to “other” people

–        Now job market = down can’t even get “real job”

–        How do we teach failure? People who have failed, teach young and old how to do it

–        11- co captains on King of the Hill

–        We create environments where it’s not safe to fail, cubicle culture

–        Startups= “Avoid wrong failures, fail fast and cheap”

–        People who are laid off go back to system instead of doing their own thing

–        Bob: “If you don’t  accomplish something within a deep framework, how do you succeed?”

–        Scott: Only 25% of recent grads will have jobs upon graduation, approach is passive: where you pass out resume and hope that you get handed an opportunity or pro-active: looking for mentors and resources to help you succeed

–        Youth are in a spot where they have “least amount of expenses and most amount of energy” of our lives

–        Scott doesn’t see a big difference in a society where we are underemployed between 99% of people (community college, state schools ) VS Harvard grads

–        Economic changes are here to stay so this 99% has to make their own value that is attracted to other people

–        How do you do that when you were in school for the last 16 years?

–        Scott: we need fundamental change:  finance courses in school and we don’t have any real world skills and lack of entitlement- system creates employees

  • Why would they change? Because unemployment is a disaster (17%!)
  • Entrepreneur council: mentorship
  • Overhaul not overnight
  • Practical education
  • Poli-Sci grad: what do I do with my life now?
    • What are my actual skills?
    • Maybe I can become a poli sci tutoring service, create actual services

–        Companies have to deal with talent loss to entrepreneurial projects

–        Create  a job to keep a job instead of take a job

–        Get involved with meetups, meet startup founders instead of hope for magic

–        Patrick: “Life-burn rate”- business not separate from life, lots of hard work

–        Scott: Figure out what you are spending, figure out how to shift spending, figure out each liability and how you can change it to your advantage

–        There are too many “rah-rahs” out there, not enough actionable items

–        Bob: how do you approach productivity?

  • Scott: my calendar, all digital (iPhone), is most important tool, SaaS

–        “The recession eats jobs like cheetos”

–        What would you tell father of poli-sci grad who just lost job?

–        Scott: “I don’t like one size fits all advice. I only like to give advice based on my experience”

–        Bob: “There’s something to be said about a quick slap in the face but I feel better about reading this.”



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