Show #1: We launch SSP.

The Startup Success Podcast!

Helping microISVs and startups succeed!

In our first show, Pat and I discuss who we are, why we are doing this podcast (help startups succeed), some of the topics we hope to cover in successive podcasts and some of the larger trends that are changing the landscape for microISVs and startups.

Download Show #1 here: StartupSuccess001

Want to be on the show? Have a suggestion (besides more structure/shorter length – got that!)? Want an answer to a microISV or startup question? Let us know!

Bob Walsh is on twitter at or you can email him at
Patrick Foley is on twitter at or you can email him at

Show Notes:

URLs mentioned in this episode of the Startup Success Podcast.

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  1. y0mbo says:

    Do you have an audio feed yet?
    Do you know when your podcast will be in iTunes?

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    Hi John,

    If you click the StartupSuccess001 link or the button before it, it should play. And as of now, the logo is a link as well. Re iTunes – have submitted successfully, which is half the battle, hopefully soon.

  3. Chad says:

    Enjoyed listening to you guys broadcast. Though some things that have discurage me from listening again. They’re:

    Bob, please please let Patrick talk! Throughout the broadcast you were talking lead in the discussion and it did feel like you were leaving patrick out of the conversation. I’m more willing to hear Patricks experience from Microsoft, not just your own.

    Patrick really loved the insight you gave to Microsoft and your work at Microsoft. Can you please discuss more of the challenges you face inside Microsoft with new Micro ISV?

    Keep up the good work, and bob please stop taking the lead.

  4. Bob Walsh says:

    Chad – Ouch! I resemble that remark – will do!

  5. Bob Walsh says:

    oops! Me bad: Patrick Foley is on twitter at Thanks Geoffrey!

  6. Dusty says:

    Is there an RSS feed to subscribe to other then itunes?


  7. Bob Walsh says:

    This site produces a feed, but feedburner produces a much more useful feed at:

  8. mark says:

    Hi, I’m having problems downloading the podcast because wordpress doesn’t allow download resuming, and I get very low speed. I suggest providing an alternate download link hosted somewhere else. Thanks!

  9. A nice introductory podcast. Plenty of food for thought here.


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