SSP 3.10: Content Marketing for Startups, Part 2

Content Marketing – when done right – can bring your startup huge numbers of people interested and attentive to what you have to offer. This week, in Part 2, Bob and Patrick talk about the specifics of how to get started, what to do if you really don’t like writing and other tactical approaches.


SSP 3.9: Content Marketing for Startups

Content Marketing – when done right – can bring your startup huge numbers of people interested and attentive to what you have to offer. This week, in Part 1, Bob and Patrick talk about the ins and outs of exactly what is content marketing, how do you as a self-funded startup make content marketing work, and some of the pitfalls to avoid.


SSP 3.8 Josh Linkner

Bob and Patrick speak with Josh Linkner – founder, VC, and author of Disciplined Dreaming about creativity. You CAN learn to be creative! [repeat episode]


3.7: Lena Ramfelt

Bob and Patrick speak with Lena Ramfelt – startup mentor, teacher, and co-author of Gear Up – to figure out what makes a business successful.
Gear up

SSP 3.6: Funding Options

Bootstrapping, crowdfunding, angel/VC … when is each option useful? Bob and Patrick discuss these options along with specific examples, including,,,,,, and more.

SSP 3.5: Mike Taber, author of The Single Founder Handbook

Bob and Patrick speak with Mike Taber, successful solopreneur, author of The Single Founder Handbook, and co-founder of the Micropreneur Academy.

Link: The Single Founder Handbook

SSP 3.4: Isaac Garcia of Central Desktop

Both Pat and I are out sick this week: a perfect time to visit the Startup Success Podcast Archives and share an interview we did a while ago with with Isaac Garcia, founder of Central Desktop (

SSP 3.3: Consulting your way into your startup

Most would be founders spend part of their journey consulting… Bob and Patrick discuss their experiences and lessons learned about the ups and downs of this approach.

SSP 3.2: Jason Swett, Snip Salon Software

This week, Bob and Patrick interview Jason Swett, founder of Snip Salon Software on how to build a side business into a startup, finding what your startup should deliver and more!


And as a reminder, while Patrick has left the warm embrace of Microsoft, I’m still sponsoring startups for Microsoft Bizspark. Drop me a line at if you want in. No guarantees, please no xbox script kitties, and since I don’t work for/get paid by MSFT I have limited influence. On the other hand as of Thursday; September 24, 2015, 394 startups I’ve recommended have been approved for BizSpark..

Never say never: We Are Back!

I’m pleased – and you will be too – to announce The Startup Success Podcast has been reanimated and is alive once more! Join me, Bob Walsh, and my dynamic cohost, Patrick Foley, as we dig deep each week into the issues, ideas, problems and solutions that matter to you, startup founders. We will be concentrating on the challenges and realities of self-funded startups, but will be also delving into the funded world from time to time.

Got a story to tell? Let us know! We’re especially looking for startup founders who’ve paid their dues, taken their knocks and want to share their hard-earned insights with other founders.

Patrick and I want to be the best 30 minutes you spend learning new things, gaining new perspectives and seeing the road ahead for your startup each week. Let us know who we should talk to!